Featured in today’s Jerusalem Post!

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Guess who’s featured in today’s Jerusalem Post?

Israeli news gets a satirical spin

07/09/2011 21:32

David Sidman is attempting to capitalize on the success of ‘The Daily Show’ with a twist in his YouTube series ‘The Israeli Show’.

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Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show doesn’t have anything to worry about yet. But the Israeli Show with David Sidman is hoping to build on Stewart’s success in the US with his own fledgling weekly posting on YouTube in which he spoofs the latest news coming out of our corner of the world.

“It’s basically a one-man show,” said Sidman, who emigrated to Jerusalem from Boston over a decade ago.

“My wife works the teleprompter and is my stylist; that’s about it.”

Sidman is cast in the role of news anchor on the two to three minute shows, presenting sardonic comments on current events in Israel, with the help of video clips and photos in the background. While clearly grass roots, low budget and not quite ready for prime time with canned laugh tracks and Sidman’s straight-laced, stilted delivery, the show does have its moments.

When commenting on Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s recent statement that some European leaders treat the Palestinians like a spoiled child, Sidman said the Europeans ignored the PM and instead threw the Palestinians a ‘sweet 16’ party. And some of his one-liners are zingers like “Shakira visited Jerusalem and went to the Kotel where her hips apologized for lying.”

“I go to news sites like The Jerusalem Post, and I’ll watch the nightly news; when I find stories that are either popular or unusual, I’ll take a long walk with my dogs and come up with a bit on them,” said Sidman, a dog trainer by profession (a skill he learned during his IDF service).

He’s done stand up routines on Israeli stages and worked in radio in Boston doing a comic routine on a sports show, but The Israeli Show is a labor of love for him, one that he hopes will provide more than just laughs.

“It became obvious to me that the entire world was obsessed with news about Israel. The Daily Show is America’s third most popular news source, and I realize why – people want to know what’s going on but the news generally is very boring,” said Sidman.

“So if you can make it fun and interactive and something they can relate to, then you have a win-win situation.”

IT’S ALMOST impossible to not come off with a political viewpoint when doing comedy about Israel, and while Sidman aims to poke fun at all segments of society, he does have an agenda that goes beyond comedy.

“I’m thrilled to be focusing my talents on something that will benefit the pro-Israel community. The whole issue of hasbara (public information) kind of blew my mind. There’s a hasbara tack now that instead of taking on anti- Israel bias and engaging those controversial issues, there’s instead a focus on completely unrelated issues – like Israeli hi-tech innovation,” he said.

“My advantage as a comedian is that I can take the anti-Israel bias out there and engage it, using comedy to expose its hypocrisy. But first and foremost, it’s a comedy show. I think hasbara is a side effect. People who watch it should realize it’s a good hasbara tool, but it’s not the main goal.

My main goal is to keep people abroad informed about what’s going on in Israel and let them have a good laugh at the same time” Sidman is hoping that the show (type in TheIsraeliShow in the YouTube search engine) continues to build momentum, which will enable him to invest some resources for the expansion of the concept.

“I’d make the show longer, incorporate other comedians, do some bits on the street talking to people, and really make it more like a Saturday Night Live framework,” he said, referring to the long-running US satirical comedy show.

“Now, it’s more like just the ‘Weekend Update’ part of SNL than anything else.”

While Sidman keeps up with the local satirical current events shows like Eretz Nehederet, he sees a wide chasm in the root of humor between the US and Israel.

“The humor in Israel is completely different than the US – it’s a lot less subtle,” he said.

“I think, despite Eretz Nehederet’s qualities, the humor in the US is more thought out and creative. I don’t think native Israelis would necessarily find my show to be funny.”

And despite naming his show after the Comedy Central staple, Sidman admitted that he wasn’t really a great Jon Stewart fan.

“I like his show but I don’t love it. I like the idea of it more than I like the jokes – they’re touch and go. For comedy, I like Conan O’Brien more.”


The latest Israeli Show

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The Israeli Show

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We’re working on a new project here at David Sidman Comedy, the Israeli Show.

The headlines are real, the rest is comedy.  So post these videos to your facebook wall, tweet them to your followers, and enjoy!

4th of July Comedy Jam in Tel Aviv

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Whatsup, we’ve got another big announcement to drop on y’all– on Independence Day, David Sidman will be bringing down the house in Tel Aviv !

Israel isn’t the only country to celebrate their freedom from the British! Americans in Israel celebrate the upcoming 4th of July in a one night only American Stand Up Comedy show in Tel Aviv (in English).

Showtime is at 9:00PM, but arrive early and enjoy pappa’s fabulous food. After all, what’s more American than pizza, beer, and gaining weight?

cost: 45 NIS with first drink (wine, house beer or lemoncello) included and
students pay: 40 NIS

For reservations call 077 300 8120

The night’s All-Star line up includes:
Benji Lovitt
Ari Teman
Kandi Abelson


David Sidman

See you at the show!

Here are the details:

Sunday, July 4, 2010 at 9:00pm

Pappa’s, Tel Aviv

Hillel Hazaken 12

See you at the show!

Announcing: Stand Up For The IDF

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We’re pleased to announce our next show: Stand Up For The IDF, Sunday night 5/23.  We’ve got a rocking lineup for y’all, and it’s gonna benefit the good work of the Michael Levin Memorial Center for Lone Soldiers.  Here’s our flyer with the details:

And here are some clips from the night’s roster of performers.

MC Deuce, as seen on Israel’s Bip Comedy Channel:

And our boy David Sidman:

See y’all at the show!


Stand Up with Mike Blejer and David Sidman

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Mike Blejer is a touring comedian coming from the USA for this ONE NIGHT ONLY engagement.  This St. Patty’s Day, we’re making sure that Jerusalem is rocking with laughter. 

Wednesday, March 17, 2010
8:50pm – 10:35pm

Wave Cafe
Rehov Yad Harutzim 4, Talpiot (opposite Papagaio)
Jerusalem, Israel

30 NIS
Call 050.397.7997


Sidman to Headline 1st Annual Jerusalem Comedy Jam

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Introducing: The 1st Annual Jerusalem Comedy Jam! And naturally, our boy David Sidman will be headlining.

David Sidman of RoofTop Comedy
Lioz shem Tov of NBC’s Last Comic Standing (semifinalist)
Kandi Abelson of Just For Laughs
and featuring: Aaron Potek

It’s going down Tuesday October 20th at the grand opening of Wave Cafe, an incredible new venue in Jerusalem.

Here are the details:
Tuesday, October 20, 2009, 8:40 PM. Seating is first come, first served.

Wave Cafe Theater
Yad Haruzim Street 4 (red building)
Talpiot (Industrial Zone) Jerusalem, Israel

Directions: Walk downhill on Rechov Rivka Take a left onto R Yad Harutzim #4 is the 1st alley, on right side (opposite Papagaio) The Wave Cafe is located about 50 meters on the left side (across from the Sam Spiegel Music School)

Entrance is only 30 NIS.

Check Out Jerusalem Comedy Jam’s Page on Facebook!

Alert: David is coming to Beer Sheva

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We’ve just confirmed David’s next show, Sunday September 6 in Beersheva, Israel. Here are the details:

Date: Sunday, September 6, 2009
Time: 8:20pm – 10:20pm
Location: Black and White Music Bar
Street: Located across from Radio Darom on Arlozorov St

To help you get pumped, I’m posting one of Sidman’s stand-up videos. Enjoy it–it’s a classic!

See you there!

David Sidman, at the legendary LA Improv

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Dave at Improv

Sidman to headline JCorps Jerusalem’s comedy event

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Don’t miss JCorps Jerusalem’s evening of Hysterical comedy and discount drinks
ALL the proceeds go to charity!

Benji Lovitt
David Sidman
Phil Gordonlavine

8:30pm Sunday May 17th
ICCY (where Shira Chadasha and Boogie meet)
12 Emek Refaim, German Colony, Jerusalem
Buses: 18, 21, 4

ONLY 30 shekels
PLUS FREE DRINK if you sign up online by May 15: http://jcorps.org/comedy_night_jlem/?s=fb1a

RSVP via Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=525570122&ref=ts#/event.php?eid=84862111681&ref=mf

Make sure you give David a hearty Mazal Tov for his upcoming wedding!

To get pumped for the show, let David make you laugh with this video:


See you there,

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